Are you having a hard time getting things off your mind? Try intray!

Just write it down

Have you heard that all you need to do to get things of your mind, is to systematically write them down? Try it out with intray!

Intray offers a no-nonsense web interface to write down your thoughts and ideas anywhere you go, and easily process them. It is faster, cleaner and leaner than any of its alternatives, while exposing an elegant API and including a CLI.

Anywhere, anytime

Has one of the following scenarios ever happened to you?

A friend tells you about a movie you just have to watch
In the middle of a party, you suddenly get a great idea
During dinner with your parents, you remember you really need to send someone an email.

Never again will you have to drop everything and send the email. Never again will you have to put your thought in your calendar, where it does not belong. Never again will you forget which movies to watch. Because now, there is intray.

Extremely minimal

Add an intray item
Show one intray item
Delete the shown intray item

Extremely low friction

Intray is specifically built to have the lowest friction of all similar tools.

Method Steps Clicks
Google Chrome on Android
Click the Intray icon on the launcher
Click 'log in' (with a saved password)
Click the 'add item' text area.
Start typing
Safari on IOS
Click the Intray icon on the launcher
Click 'log in' (with a saved password)
Click the 'add item' tex area.
Start typing
Intray Cli
Open a terminal. (One keyboard shortcut.)
Start typing: intray add YOUR ITEM HERE

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Intray is entirely open-source. The source can be found on Github.


Every interaction with Intray is available via the intray API. The API allows to integrate intray seamlessly with complex systems to optimise your workflow. From a "Getting things done"-style tickler system which drops items into your intray whenever you want to automated item generation upon receiving emails from certain people, everything is possible.


Intray is available via the official Intray command-line client . In addition to the features on the web interface, the command-line client works offline with easy synchronisation.


Why can I not modify items?

Items represent thoughts you have and want to get out of your head. The purpose is to not think about the ideas anymore between when you write them down and when you process them. During processing, you take the items out of the intray and think about what you want to do with each idea. After that, you delete the item from the intray. Allowing to modify items would only allow you to make yourself less efficient.

Why can I not list all my items?

Only being able to view one item at a time forces you to process items one by one without skipping any. This is a proven improvement to your processing speed.

So it's a todo list?

No. It is like a box which contains random thoughts you want to get out of your head. These thoughts still require processing, as opposed to todo items.

What happens to my data?

All data submitted via Intray is secured while it is being submitted and while it is being stored. Users will never be tracked and their data will never be exposed to third parties. Administrators cannot see intray items via the web interface, they can only see usernames. The data is not end-to-end encrypted.

Will there ever be ads?

There will never be ads on Intray.

Will Intray remain free of charge?

Intray is currently free of charge. This is because the author uses it and running the service for only himself is not cheaper than running it for multiple people. If this ever changes, Intray may start charging a small subscription fee to cover the cost of operation. You can expect this to be less than a dollar per month.

I don't trust you with my data, can I still use Intray?

Yes, intray is free software, so anyone can host an Intray server themselves. The code and instructions are available on Github.

Is there an Android or Iphone application?

Intray is currently not available on Android or Iphone. This may change in the future if there is enough demand.

How is Intray better than the notes application on my phone?

Notes and intray Items serve a fundamentally different purpose. Intray items are meant to be short term, ephemeral and for prosessing. Notes have an indeterminate life-time and do not lend themselves well for processing. Intray incorporates the best-practices for processing and is not cluttered by unnecessary features. Moreover, Intray items will persist beyond eventual damage to your phone. This is not the case for all notes apps.

How is Intray better than google keep, remember the milk, todoist..?

Intray has been designed with your ease of mind and efficiency in mind. For example, the processing does not allow you to see more than one item at a time, which is a proven strategy to improve your processing efficiency.

How is Intray better than org-mode?

Intray allows for more efficient processing.

Intray allows you to use a web interface, e.g. through your phone, as well as a command line interface. This combination makes intray more efficient to use.

How do I use Intray for "Getting Things Done" (GTD)?

Intray was built specifically to act as the first part in a GTD process. Use it as the "in-basket" in the following flowchart.


For questions and feedback, feel free to contact us .